Road To Oshkosh

The Road to Oshkosh:

Over the next few months, our Pathfinder club will be preparing ourselves to attend 2019 Chosen international camporee. It is a great event that takes place every 5 years and brings together pathfinders from around the world to Oshkosh Wisconsin for a week of learning, making new friends and growth. We are planning on going the for the 3rd consecutive International Camporee. Our goal is to send 50 individuals but we need your help. Find out how we are doing by following us here.  


*June Update*

We have almost raised $5000 1/5 the way to our goal of $25000.

We also have 36 confirmed people who want to be part of the number we are sending.

If you are interested in coming with us or looking for ways to help us email us using the subject line: Road to Oshkosh


We're having a fundraising Car Wash BBQ July 8th from 10am-3pm at 302 Scott Street.

Make sure you stop by and get your car washed and support our Pathfinders as they fundraise towards 

Check out the promotional video